New Car Buying Research

Research on cars in 2022

Before you shake hands, do your new car buying research on cars, whether you’re buying new or secondhand (or elbow bump). Here are some important advice and things to think about before buying a car.

Let’s get going.

New Car Buying Research

The Environment In 2022

Of course, during the past few years, COVID has had an effect on car costs. Prices for used cars have increased by as much as 30%, and occasionally much more.

Delivery periods for new autos are sometimes prolonged; they typically last several months. Even lengthier are several well-known automobiles made by household names like Toyota, Mazda, and Ford.

The Causes Of The Increase In Car Prices

Because to supply chain interruptions, chip shortages, and stock limitations, retailers have less inventory and can attract customers without having to offer steep discounts.

No (or little) international travel. Due to this, Australians are spending more money on domestic items like vehicles.

secondhand cars are more popular with new automobile buyers. To reduce waiting lines, some new car purchasers choose late-model used cars. This increases market demand, resulting in higher pricing.

Australia has one of the highest rates of car ownership in the world, which drives up prices. Vehicles have reportedly been sold within minutes of being placed online, according to some people.

While they were in route to view the car, other buyers discovered that it had been sold.

What automotive research is required in 2022?

To avoid frequent car-buying errors, you should ask this crucial enquiry. The decision to purchase a new vehicle can be emotionally taxing, but by following these steps, you can select a vehicle that will be both incredibly pleasurable to own and useful for your lifestyle.

List the purposes for which you will utilise the car first. You might not require a 4WD, for instance, if you rarely go outside of cities.

Start focusing on other vehicles you like that are on the road. Do some online research by attempting to obtain the brand logo and perhaps the model.

Finding the category or segments that suit you is also very helpful; examples include an SUV, ute, hatchback, or crossover.

New Car Buying Research

Here are some queries to ask when conducting automotive research

> Do you frequently park in confined spaces?

> Do you transport people frequently?

> How frequently do you intend to take road trips?

> How frequently do you transport heavy loads or tow a trailer?

> Will it be stored (parked) in a safe place?

> Do you enjoy driving or are you just trying to go from point A to point B as cheaply as possible?

> And now for the crucial query

> Do you have a strong desire and enthusiasm for the car you’re considering?

> Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars on cars they don’t want. Neglect, high repair costs, and a decreased resale value result from this.

> Every time it rains, it is washed! – Don’t own an automobile like one of those people.

> You can go to the next step of the process as soon as you have a shortlist of cars that fit you.

Running Expenses

Before you sign your life away, it’s helpful to know the ballpark figures.

Here are some typical automotive expenses:

> Registration

> Servicing

> Insurance

> Stamp fees (one off payment)

> Tyres

> Fuel

Here are some standards since fuel is a challenging topic

In Australia, a passenger car uses 11.1 litres of fuel every 100 kilometres.

Australia’s average annual mileage is 13,301 km.

Australia’s typical fuel cost (late 2021/early 2022): $1.72 per litre

Considering the aforementioned, the typical Australian driver spends $2,540 on petrol annually.

To determine which of your vehicle selections offers the best value for money, do a little online research on cars. Don’t forget to take fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and insurance into account.

New Car Buying Research

Vehicle Background

It’s crucial to conduct thorough research on the car you plan to buy, especially if it’s a used or former demo model.

Look for the service history logbook and prior registered owners when purchasing a car from a dealer or a private seller. You can have piece of mind about the odometer reading, any accidents, write-offs, reported thefts, etc. by ordering a vehicle history report, or PPSR.

Consider paying for a professional examination if you plan to purchase a used automobile. This will cost you money now, but it will ultimately save you money (and problems).


Safety must come first in any car you purchase. Since 1993, ANCAP has provided safety ratings for automobiles.

Over the past few years, safety features have become more advanced. Nowadays, the majority of cars are equipped with excellently rated driver assistance technologies as standard.

Here are a couple

Active Cruise Control (ACC) keeps a set distance between you and the car in front of you. As necessary, the mechanism will slow down and accelerate.

When the system recognises an impending front-end collision, it automatically applies the brakes (AEB).

Blind spot monitoring and detection alerts drivers when another vehicle is in their blind area.

It can drive your car back to the centre of the lane if it senses that you have drifted into another one.

Do some study on cars to find out what characteristics your future car has because there are many more of these elements that make modern cars much safer than previous ones.

Depreciation and resale value

When it comes time to upgrade, buying a new automobile with less depreciation means you’ll get back more of your initial investment. In other words, a vehicle’s value tends to increase with the date of manufacture.

Maintaining your car’s worth and overall marketability also requires choosing neutral colours, keeping track of your service history, and taking good care of the interior and outside of the vehicle.

Trustworthiness and brand reputation

Brand reputation plays a significant role in the sale of a car. A new car from a reputable manufacturer is easier to resell, which is a consideration in car research.

It can be fantastic to obtain a great deal on a new automobile from a lesser-known manufacturer, but how much value will the car have when you want to sell it in the future?

In Australia, popular brands like Toyota, Mazda, Ford, VW, and Mercedes are more reliable in terms of value retention than some other brands.

Research on car test drives

Drive a couple different vehicles to get a sense of how they handle and feel before you make a selection, and bring a passenger. This is crucial whether you are switching from an automatic to a manual transmission or from a small to a large vehicle.

You’ll soon realise what you feel most at ease with and can picture it in your driveway.

Sometimes it’s difficult to control your excitement.

Automobile purchase

Get a quick quote for a pre-approval after reducing your options to a few makes and models.

Due to the high demand and scarcity of cars in 2022, a pre-approval is crucial. With a pre-approval, your financing is secured before you start looking for a car, allowing you to put down a deposit on the vehicle you want with confidence.

Some people look for a car before getting pre-approved, which is dangerous since they run the risk of losing their deposit and the car to another buyer if the financing isn’t accepted.

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